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Biz Analyst App से आप टैली का डाटा अपने मोबइल पर कभी भी कही भी देख सकते है , पेमेंट reminder मैसेज , ledger statement , outstanding एक क्लिक पर manage करे

Dependent on your accountants?🤔
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A growing business 📈 has growing needs like knowing expenses, stock, sales, and more.
Know your business better with 🤳Biz Analyst. Get all your business data at your fingertip.

Increase your sales team productivity with Biz Analyst. When they can access their customer data and use other app features like follow-up reminders, automatic outstanding reminders, check-in, and check-out. They will be able to reach their targets on time.

With easy access to Smart Reports like Sales analysis 📊, Top items, customers and suppliers 📑, Stock summary 📦, Inactive customers, Inactive items, and more that help you plan better business strategy 📈. Multiply your sales and profits with Biz Analyst Tally on mobile app.

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Biz Analyst Tally on Mobile