Send Invoice / Statement to Customer from TALLY / Busy/ Marg or any Software on Whatsapp

We are a software company named Ensowt.

ENSOWT(Enabling Society with Technology) is working to provide new tools for the SME segment to bring to them Technology that was available in the past to very big organizations.

As a part of this endeavour, we have multiple products, such as Winggz – customer Loyalty program, Khata Business – Digital Khata for small customers, Ping – Bill invoices from Billing system.

Here’s a description of the features

  1. Send customize SMS via WhatsApp
  2. Send SMS with attachments
  3. Billing Integration
  4. Send WhatsApp SMS without saving number
  5. Multi user support
  6. Send full details with pdf via WhatsApp
  7. Send WhatsApp SMS according to events
  8. Send WhatsApp SMS using any number
  9. No limit to send SMS
  10. Send SMS in your language
  11. Track all SMS sent from phone
  12. Automatic report
  13. Download all customers list
  14. Send all report sms ( Ledger, payment voucher, Sale – purchase, Receipt SMS, outstanding etc. )

Ping is a software that enables you to send your invoice details to your customers on WhatsApp, without any manual intervention, directly from your Billing system.
You can also send PDF of the Invoice attached to the message or chose to send a picture or a movie clip to your customers.
How does it work
Ping is a software that is installed in your Billing computer and the Billing system is configured to send the Invoice details to Ping, which then sends the messages through your own Mobile’s WhatsApp account.
Recommended Configurations

  1. At least Windows 7, Service Pack 1 and 4 GB of RAM. The software may be able to run on lower memory, but the performance may have issues in the long run.
  2. Stable and good speed internet connection
  3. Phone with good internet connection, for sending WhatsApp messages. The phone can be anywhere but with good internet connections -else the messages will not go.
  1. Basic Ping Software with updates for 1 year 2,999/-
  2. Bill PDF Ping Software with updates for 1 year 3,499/-
  3. Basic Ping Software / year pricing after 1 year 1,799/-
  4. Bill PDF Ping Software/ year pricing after 1 year 2,099/-
    All prices are exclusive of GST, which will be applied at the current rate.
    All updates to the software are provided free of cost to all the customers.