Tally Prime ERP9 Course for Professional Two Months Duration -Rs 4000

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1Install Tally
2Set Data Path in Tally
3Create / Alter/Shut Company
4Enable GST in Company
5Creating basic ledger
 Sales A/c,Purchase A/c, Output CGST, Output SGST, Output IGST
 Input CGST, Input SGST, Input IGST, Round Off, Discount Given, Discount Received
6Creating Party Ledger -Sundry Debtor, Sundry Creditor
7Creating Item and Units with HSN Code, GST %
8Creating Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice
9Creating Voucher Types for Sales and Purchase to Auto Calculate Tax, Round Off
 Configure Invoice Number
10Sales Invoice Examples
 Item Invoice
 Creating Item & Ledger in Sales Invoice
11Sales Invoice Configuration
 Invoice with Bank Details
 Invoice with Seprate Consignee & Buyer
 Typing Addition Detail of Item and Printing in Invoice
 With Discount Percentage Column
 With Total Discount at the last 
 With Total Discount at the last reducing Tax Value
 Double Discount, Percentage and Cash Discount
 Adding Transportation and Labour Charges extra
 One Plus One Free Invoice
 Amount Inclusive of Tax Invoice
 Billing Non Taxable Item in Invoice , Invoice Change to “Bill of Supply”
 Hiding Invoice or Converting Sales Invoice to Performa Invoice So It Don’t Affect GST and Stock
 Show Contact No in Invoice
 Showing All Taxes in Invoice CGST,SGST IGST
 Showing Tax Percentage , in Invoice
 Converting Invoice to PDF
 Export Invoice to PDF
 Mail invoice
 Hide Company Name in Invoice
 Change Title of Invoice from to “Delivery Challan”
 Adding Terms & Condition In Invoice
 Adding Customer Signature Column In Invoice
 Adding Place of Jurisdicion In Invoice
 Adding Contact Person Name In Invoice
 Adding Logo Invoice
 Printing Duplicate Invoice
 Printing Triplicate Invoice
 Cancellation of Invoice
 Converting Delivery Challan to Sales Invoice
 Converting Quotation( Sales Order) to Delivery Challan
 Adding EWAY Bill No in Invoice
 Creating E-Invoice in Tally
 Hiding unnecessary block in invoice
 Batch No
 MRP in Invoice
 Expiry Invoice
12Service Invoice or Accounting Invoice
 Make Rental Invoice
 Annual Maintenance Invoice
13Recording Purchase Invoice
 Purchase invoice with Discount
14Maintaining Ledger Bill by Bill “YES” and “NO”
15Amount Received
16Amount Paid
17Contra Voucher – Bank and Cash Transaction
 Discount Adjustment by Journal Voucher
18Pay for Indirect & Direct Expenses
19Received Amount for Indirect Income
20Dues Report
 Receivable Due
 Payable Due
21Ledger Outstanding Report
22GSTR-1 Report – Sales
23GSTR-2 Report – Purchase
24GSTR- 3B Report
25Day Book
26Stock Summary
27Search Voucher in Tally
28Alter Master Ledger while Entering Sales Voucher ( Multitasking )
29Bank Statement Reconcillation
31Purchase Order
32Sales Order
33Delivery Challan/ Receipt Note
34Sales Return /Purchase Return
35Manufacturing Journal – Bill of Material

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