Tally Advance inventory set-up- Assignment


Read the below-given business scenario and implement it in Tally. by creating a company for‘Abhay Distributors Pvt Ltd’.


‘Abhay Distributors Pvt Ltd’ from Kochiis into distribution FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) in Kerala.  They want to see reports based on type of consumer goods, e.g., Soap Powders, Shampoos, Tooth brushes, etc.,


Create Parent Groups and Sub-Groups as per below-given details:

  1. Soap Powders
    1. Washing Machine Soap Powders
      1. Front Load Washing Machine Powders
      1. Top Load Washing Machine Powders
    1. Hand Wash Soap Powders
  2. Shampoos
    1. Anti-dandruff Shampoos
    1. Anti-hair Fall Shampoos
  3. Toothbrushes
    1. Adults’ Toothbrushes
    1. Kids’ Toothbrushes


Sl NoStock Item NameStock GroupOpening BalanceRate per No
1Surf Excel Matic 5 Kg (Front Load)Front Load Washing Machine Powders11 Nos750
2Henko 5 KG (Front Load)Front Load Washing Machine Powders5 Nos680
3Surf Excel 5 Kg (Top Load)Top Load Washing Machine Powders9 Nos550
4Henko 5 KG (Top Load)Top Load Washing Machine Powders13 Nos590
5Surf Excel Soap Powder 1 KgHand Wash Soap Powders50 Nos44
6Henko Soap Powder 1 KgHand Wash Soap Powders61 Nos53
7Dove Anti-dandruff ShampooAnti-dandruff Shampoos21 Nos135
8Himalaya Anti-dandruff ShampooAnti-dandruff Shampoos19 Nos130
9Dove Anti-hair Fall ShampooAnti-hair Fall Shampoos22 Nos132
10Himalaya Anti-hair Fall ShampooAnti-hair Fall Shampoos48 Nos142
11Colgate Tooth Brush – Zig ZagAdults’ Toothbrushes90 Nos25
12Oral-B Care Tooth BrushAdults’ Toothbrushes40 Nos56
13Oral-B Kids Tooth BrushKids’ Toothbrushes10 Nos66


  • Stock summary with all details expanded for Group and Sub-group classification
  • Group Summary report for parent group such as Washing machine soap powders


‘Abhay Distributors Pvt Ltd’ wants to classify stock items brand-wise, so that they can analyse the reports

Create Stock Categories as given below

  1. Surf Excel
  2. Henko
  3. Dove
  4. Himalaya
  5. Colgate
  6. Oral-B

Alter Stock Item for Selecting ‘Stock Categories’ as per given below table

Sl NoStock Item NameStock Category
1Surf Excel Matic 5 Kg (Front Load)Surf Excel
2Henko 5 KG (Front Load)Henko
3Surf Excel 5 Kg (Top Load)Surf Excel
4Henko 5 KG (Top Load)Henko
5Surf Excel Soap Powder 1 KgSurf Excel
6Henko Soap Powder 1 KgHenko
7Dove Anti-dandruff ShampooDove
8Himalaya Anti-dandruff ShampooHimalaya
9Dove Anti-hair Fall ShampooDove
10Himalaya Anti-hair Fall ShampooHimalaya
11Colgate Tooth Brush – Zig ZagColgate
12Oral-B Care Tooth BrushOral-B
13Oral-B Kids Tooth BrushOral-B


‘Abhay Distributors Pvt Ltd’ has started operations in different locations, they have added branches, warehouses.  Now it wants to track stock items location-wise

Activate and Create Godowns

  1. Main Location- Kochi
  2. Branch 1 – Thiruvananthapuram
  3. Branch 2–Kannur

Record Given Below Transactions:

  • On 10th April 2019, stocks transferred from Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram Branch
Sl NoStock Item NameOpening Balance
1Surf Excel Matic 5 Kg (Front Load)3 Nos
2Henko 5 KG (Front Load)2 Nos
3Surf Excel 5 Kg (Top Load)3 Nos
4Henko 5 KG (Top Load)4 Nos
5Surf Excel Soap Powder 1 Kg20 Nos
  • On 11th April 2019, stock transferred from Kochi to Kannur
Sl NoStock Item NameOpening Balance
1Henko Soap Powder 1 Kg31 Nos
2Dove Anti-dandruff Shampoo11 Nos
3Himalaya Anti-dandruff Shampoo11 Nos
4Dove Anti-hair Fall Shampoo10 Nos
5Himalaya Anti-hair Fall Shampoo23 Nos


‘Abhay Distributors Pvt Ltd’has started receiving orders from customers, as well it wanted to send orders to suppliers.  It wants to have ‘Right stock available at right time’, now it wants to replenish stock as they sell

Activate Order Processing and Record Transaction

  • On 15th April 2019, received Purchase Order No 131 from customer ‘Quick Traders’
Sl NoStock Item NameOrdered QtyRate
1Surf Excel Matic 5 Kg (Front Load)3875
2Henko 5 KG (Front Load)2770
3Surf Excel 5 Kg (Top Load)4570
4Henko 5 KG (Top Load)5630
5Surf Excel Soap Powder 1 Kg1052

Note:  Check ‘Saleable Stock’ report in Stock Summary after recording this order.

  • On 16th April 2019, the company sent an order to Supplier ‘Famous Distributors Ltd’ via Order No 001
Sl NoStock Item NameOrdered QtyRate
1Surf Excel Matic 5 Kg (Front Load)10750
2Henko 5 KG (Front Load)10680
3Surf Excel 5 Kg (Top Load)10590
4Henko 5 KG (Top Load)10550
5Surf Excel Soap Powder 1 Kg2044

Note:  Check ‘Nett Stock’ report in Stock Summary after recording this order.


‘Abhay Distributors Pvt Ltd’ wants to fix prices for different types of customers like Retailers, Customers, etc.,

Activate Price List and Create Price List

Sl NoStock Item NameRetailers’ PriceCustomers’ Price
1Surf Excel Matic 5 Kg (Front Load)850900
2Henko 5 KG (Front Load)800850
3Surf Excel 5 Kg (Top Load)700750
4Henko 5 KG (Top Load)650700

Create Ledger and Assign Price List

Create couple of the customers under ‘Retailers’ and ‘Customers’ assign Price List to them

Note:  Check the price is picked automatically in an invoice