Tally Cost & Profit Centre management & Analysis Assignment – Yellow Belt

1.  Introduction

Please read the business scenario given below and implement it in Tally.ERP 9 by creating a company for Alok Traders.

The company had a Cash balance of ₹ 80,00,000/- as on 1st May.

1.1.          Business Scenario I

Alok Traders is engaged in a trading business.

The company wants to track the Salary expenses based on the departments. On 1st April, the company paid a Salary of Rs. 5,00,000/- and would like to allocate it as given below-

Marketing Department- ₹ 1,50,000/-

Accounts Department – ₹ 2,00,000/-

Sales Department-₹ 1,50,000/-

Record a Salary payment transaction for the above and allocate it to the departments by creating cost Centres.

1.2.          Business Scenario II

On 2ndMay, Alok traders haveexpanded and opened three branches. They wish to track Telephone expenses of 1,50,000/-by doing a parallel allocation towards the branches, departments, and employees.


  1. Bengaluru–35,000
  2. Mumbai – 65,000
  3. Delhi – 50,000


  1. Marketing – 75,000
  2. Accounts Department– 25,000
  3. Sales – 50,000

Record a few transactions to achieve this report

1.3.          Business Scenario III

Alok traders want to track executive-wise Sales so that they can incentivize them accordingly.

  1. On 1stJune2019, sales of Rs. 35,500 done and allocated to Salesman Abhay
  2. On 20thJune2019, sales of Rs. 39,900 done and allocated to Salesman Yashas
  3. On 25thJune2019, sales of Rs. 23,400 done and allocated to Salesman Abhay
  4. On 28thJune2019, sales of Rs. 11,600 done and allocated to Salesman Yashas

1.4.          Business Scenario IV

Alok Traders needs to pay their Electricity bills and auto-allocate it to the individual department. On 1st July, ₹ 50,000 was paid towards Electricity bill. This amount needs to be allocated to the following departments based on the predefined percentages as given below–

Marketing Department- 35%

Accounts Department– 40%

Sales Department-25%

Record the Electricity payment transaction for the above and auto-allocate it to the departments.

2.   Reports outcome

Below arethe outcomes after recording transactions in business scenarios, this is for your reference to ensure you have done it properly.

2.1.          Business Scenario I

1.1.          Business Scenario II

1.1.          Business Scenario III

1.1.          Business Scenario IV