6. Create Important Master Ledger For Company Setup in Tally

tally में company बनाने के बाद कुछ master या ledger बनाने होते है तभी हम टैली में entry कर पायेंगे , यह क्या होते है use करेंगे तो समझ आ जायेगा , कौन से बनाने है कैसे बनाने है यह जरुरी है।
नीचे ledgers बनाने है

Output CGST, Output SGST, Output IGST

Input CGST, Input SGST, Input IGST

Sales A/c , Purchase A/c

Round Off

A) Output CGST

Click CREATE > LEDGERS > Type Output CGST > Under Duties & Taxes > Type (GST) > Central Tax > Enter > Enter (Accept)

Open Company Click CREATE
Select Ledger- Press Enter
Ledger Creation Window will Open
Type Ledger Name Output GST > Under Duties and Taxes
Select Type of Duty GST
Tax Type Central Tax
Press Enter
Leave Other Field As it is- Enter to Accept Changes

Same way Create , Output SGST ( Tax Type = State), Output IGST (Tax Type = Integrated)

हमे Tax Type select करते वक़्त

SGST है तो State Tax

और IGST है तो Integrated Tax select करना है

B) Input SGST :

To create Input Ledger , In Ledger Creation window Click F 12 (Configuration) > Set Ledgers to Behave as duties and Taxes = Yes > Press Enter > To accept changes

In Ledger Creation window Press F12
Set – Show more / all configuration to YES and Set Ledgers to behave Duties and Taxes to – YES


Now same way Type- Input CGST > Under ( Current Liabilities) > Behave Duties and Tax Ledger = YES > Type of Duty/Tax = GST > Tax Type = Central Tax > Enter > Enter to save

Type Input CGST in Name , Under Current Liabilities
Set Behave as Duties & Taxes Ledger = YES
Type of Duty/Tax = GST
Tax Type = Central Tax
Press Enter to Save

इसी प्रकार बाकी Input Tax Ledger जैसे Input SGST Under Current Liabilities ( Type = State Tax ) और Input IGST (Type = Integrated Tax ) बनाने है

C) Sales A/c and Purchase A/c

Sales A/c का ledger under Sales Account,

Purchase A/c का ledger under Purchase Account

और Type of Supply = Goods/ Service कुछ भी रख सकते है

Sales A/c Creation
Purchase A/c Creation

D) Round Off

Round Off ledger under Indirect Expenses में Type of Ledger = Invoice Rounding

Rounding Method = Normal Rounding

Round Off Ledger Creation